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    Project Investment

    Food Industry

      1、Wheat and corn advantages

      Hebi is the national example area of food saftey and high quality wheat and commodity grains base. The output of medium and high gluten wheat is 800000 tons each year, while the output of corn and peanuts are 650000 tons and 60000 tons. Plus the output of the neighboring areas such as Puyang, Xinxiang, Jiaozuo, Anyang, the total output of wheat, corn and peanut can reach 9600000 tons, 7800000 tons and 320000 tons, which guarantees the develoment of food industy.

      2、Animal husbandry advantages

      Hebi is an exporting base of animal products. Each year, Hebi produces 100 million chickens, 2 million pigs and 760000 goats. Hebi has 210 chicken farms at the scale of 300000 chickens. The scaled raising level of chicken and pig reach 100% and 80%. In 2007,the animal husbandry output value accounted for 63% of the total agricultural output value, which was 29 points higher than the national value. Animal husbandry has become a supporting industry of Hebi. Yongda Company and Dayong Company are jointly named by 9 ministries as the National key enterprise of agricultural industralization and are listed among the top 50 meat companies. The fast frozen poultry is a Chines Famous Brand product. Yongda chicken food is named by the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection an Quarantine as Free-of-Inspect product. The trade mark is China reputed trademark.

      3、Local vegetable and fruit advantages

      Hebi has many special local products which have high commercial development values. Donglingcao, seedless date, chansi duck egg and Qihe River carp have long enjoyed a good reputation. Xiaohe cabbage, Xinzhen leeks, Shantang vegetables are also famous. Hebi and neighboring area are rich in vegetable and fruit resources. The total output can reach 4 million tons.

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